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Project Draven by Tribalwinds Project Draven :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 1 0 Rwby OC : Aries Scarlett by Tribalwinds Rwby OC : Aries Scarlett :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 1 2 Where dose your heart shine by Tribalwinds Where dose your heart shine :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 0 0 Rwby OC: Leo Nightwing by Tribalwinds Rwby OC: Leo Nightwing :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 4 0 Rwby OC: Aphrodite Dove by Tribalwinds Rwby OC: Aphrodite Dove :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 0 0 Rwby OC: Onyx Steele by Tribalwinds Rwby OC: Onyx Steele :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 1 0 Rwby Oc: Cherry Kage by Tribalwinds Rwby Oc: Cherry Kage :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 0 0 Chess Piece Tribal: Warrior Queen by Tribalwinds Chess Piece Tribal: Warrior Queen :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 2 3 Chess Peice Tribal: Traditional King by Tribalwinds Chess Peice Tribal: Traditional King :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 1 0 A world inside the doll by Tribalwinds A world inside the doll :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 2 0 Will And Nyx by Tribalwinds Will And Nyx :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 1 0 Victors by Tribalwinds Victors :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 1 0 I Wish You Knew by Tribalwinds I Wish You Knew :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 0 0 Draven 1980's Rock by Tribalwinds Draven 1980's Rock :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 2 3 Zofura (Zofu) Uzoogie by Tribalwinds Zofura (Zofu) Uzoogie :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 3 1 Dare You by Tribalwinds Dare You :icontribalwinds:Tribalwinds 3 0


Lynx Soul by JoJoesArt Lynx Soul :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 1,566 50 Yang Xiao Long by sakimichan Yang Xiao Long :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 20,255 485 Sea Horse by JoJoesArt Sea Horse :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 2,414 54 InkTober Day 7 - Elf Collab 2 with Vai.Pra! by ImportAutumn InkTober Day 7 - Elf Collab 2 with Vai.Pra! :iconimportautumn:ImportAutumn 103 3 InkTober 2016 Day 5 - Assassins Creed Logo! by ImportAutumn InkTober 2016 Day 5 - Assassins Creed Logo! :iconimportautumn:ImportAutumn 85 17 InkTober Day 4 - The Deathstar! by ImportAutumn InkTober Day 4 - The Deathstar! :iconimportautumn:ImportAutumn 140 21 Nick n Judy by sakimichan Nick n Judy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 28,619 908 Lionicorn by JoJoesArt Lionicorn :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 1,797 47 Ruby red by sakimichan Ruby red :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 24,349 521 Shanyume- flowers field by Avionetca Shanyume- flowers field :iconavionetca:Avionetca 158 16 Iron Man collab with Tan Vu! [speeddraw video] by ImportAutumn Iron Man collab with Tan Vu! [speeddraw video] :iconimportautumn:ImportAutumn 93 25 Deadpool by PatrickBrown Deadpool :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 10,949 360 Hinata Naruto beach day by sakimichan Hinata Naruto beach day :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,667 417 RWBY by Koyorin RWBY :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 4,186 90 Giant Inner Sakura / Commission by AkemiiN Giant Inner Sakura / Commission :iconakemiin:AkemiiN 284 15 Rival by Karumi-Soroku Rival :iconkarumi-soroku:Karumi-Soroku 268 9




Rwby OC : Aries Scarlett
I haven't set up any info on him yet. But Aries is posidens partner on ocation. What I want to know is if anyone would be interested in reading the fan fiction about these characters I've made. This was done with highlighter, sharpie, and watercolor pencles
Rwby OC: Leo Nightwing
Leo Nightwing
Age: 23
Faunus (Lion)

Physical: Golden brown hair and lion ears. Lions tail hidden behind the jacket. Left eye bright violet, right eye deep red.

Occupation: Huntsmen, survivalist, engineer

Personality: The lone wolf type. He often leaves his partner behind at the shop to compete missions for both of them. He usually dose not talk much other then grunts of conformation or facel expressions. Unless he's alone one on one with someone or teaching someone a skill. Don't let the cold exterior fool you. He's got unbridled fire in his heart. Generally Onyx and Aphrodite with there talkative personalities grade on his nerves. In team situations he often acts as a scout to get some down time. He's one of the very few who has seen Cherry really smile. Often protecting her when Onyx goes off to chase girls. Despite his difficulties he is fiercely loyal to his team. He will go to any lengths to protect them, be it from outside forces or from themselves.

Skills: engineer and survivalist

Weapon: Knight in Gale Claymore/Grenade

Fighting Style: consisting of large powerful swings and strong defense using his weapon as a shield. A chain extends from the top of the handle now quoiled in the hilt. Leo has always been ridiculously strong. No special inhancements it's just the way he was built. With body training he has become strong enough to push back Nora in an all out brawl. He is considered the tank of the team.

Aura/Semblance: (Hell Fire) his soul admires a black flame boosting and fueling his strength as well as lighting his body and sword in the flames. The fire dose not reach past his own body and what he holds. In his younger years he could not stop his semblance from burning anything he touched to ash. Now he has learned to safeguard his clothing, weapons, and teammates from the reach of his fire.

Bio: Leo doesn't talk much, entering becon with out going to a battle school. He is from the utmost edges of Mistrel where Grimm are thickest. When he discovered his semblance he burnt down his family's home. Sence then he's hardly spoken. Believing himself to be the source of his family problems. Traveling all over before arriving at becon preferring there training style to the other schools. He has no problems traversing the darker side of the four kingdoms. He narrowly escaped joining the white fang, due to his mothers protection. He has three other siblings. Two coming from a different father then himself. His own father was a huntsmen and lost his life shortly after Leo was born.

Quote: "This world could use a little more light in it."

Theme Song: Take 'em down by rev theory
Rwby OC: Aphrodite Dove
Aphrodite Dove

Physical: light skin, red hair, and pink eyes.

Occupation: Huntress for Vale, and "fashion" engineer

Personality: Happy go lucky with a short fuse, loves cute things. When team C.O.A.L. Was formed her favorite thing to do was dressing her teammates up in lace and frills. She's the black sheep of her weathy family, rebellious by nature at times. She can often drive her partner Leo up the wall with her constant mood swings. The only one of the team to put up with her is Cherry.

Skills: engineering mechanical limbs, Martial arts expert.

Weapons: Giraut wire gauntlets with spikes at the end, and pistol high heel boots,same firing system of a glock. 9ml bolted used. Gauntlets are named Needles, and boots called heartbreaker.

Fighting Style: Meele style fighting, using her wired to dice up enemy or just restrain them. She truly relays on her feet more then her hands. Her shoes are loaded with fire crystals. Using them to take out close range targets along with boosting her natural speed and power. She willl use her wires to swing or even through herself or her teammates.

Aura/Semblance: (Charm) a type of mind control in a way. If one opponiate makes eye contact with her. They instantly began to defend her against incoming foes. This includes grim. Limited to only one being at a time.

Bio: Born and raised in Vale. The Dove family is famous in the fashion industry. Growing up privileged never sat well with Aphrodite believing love and riches should be for all. She sowed teddy bears for other sick or poor children. Often hiding a bit of her allowance in them for the family's. When her family demanded her to stop she left them at the to attend signal. To help people where her rage would not be a problem. Now Aphrodite runs a state of the art shop where she designs limbs for hunters and huntresses who lose them defending the weak. Her shop is a two story building the top floor a middle class house where team C.O.A.L lives.
The first person she created limbs for was Onyx. That was when her crush on the flirty Onyx started, it's a one sided love. She provides mechanical support for Cherry and Onyx in the field when joining on undercover missions.

Quote: "Don't be so ugly sweaty. Everyone deserves happiness. If you stand in the way I'll put you in the ground."

Theme: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield


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